The Russian invaders took everything from us. Destroyed properties and the victims of the war are the result of Russian aggression. The Russian army can destroy our homes and we will never overcome our thirst for freedom. Please help us get through these tragic times. Please donate to our relief fund. We are very grateful for any help you can provide us.
Please help our foundation to support our doctors.
Our doctors are doing everything possible to save everyone's life. Task Ukraine24 foundation is to provide hospitals with all the necessary funds and equipment to do the job.
Your help is important. Even a small donation is very valuable and can go a long way.
If you want to help the people of Ukraine join the volunteer movement! We invite everyone who is motivated. We are very grateful for your help.



On February 24, 2022, a full-scale invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine began. When the Russian Federation reinforced its troops near the Ukrainian border from Belarus and Russia. Using outright lies, violating international norms, the Russian army is destroying the civilian population and infrastructure of our country of Ukraine. Russian troops use cruise missiles, phosphorus shells, unguided aerial bombs. They kill civilians, children, and women every day. Many Ukrainian cities were occupied and destroyed. Thousands of civilians have died since the beginning of the war. The outright genocide in the occupied territories is becoming more and more evident. Russia is deliberately waging war. Russia uses weapons prohibited by the Geneva Convention and other treaties.

Putin started a war against the people of Ukraine. All Russia wants is to deprive our country of independence and turn Ukraine into a slave appendage of Russia.

The Russians want to destroy our centuries-old history. Destroy the achievements and culture of the great Kievan Rus. Therefore, the goal of every Ukrainian is to resist and help our defenders destroy the Russian occupiers. Together with the military, volunteers and philanthropists, we must protect the freedom and independence of our country.


Ukraine is Europe’s shield from Russian aggression. A peaceful, democratic country with a civilized and democratic course of development. Now Ukraine is upholding democratic values, and the future of the entire civilized world depends on the results of this struggle. The consequences of the war could be catastrophic for the economy and security of many neighboring countries, and a food crisis could also develop due to Russia blocking Ukrainian ports for the export of accumulated grain. Which results in famine and migration from the african continent to Europe.

Faced with Ukrainian resistance, the Russian authorities put nuclear weapons on high alert. The Russians are threatening to attack Ukrainian hydroelectric and nuclear power plants. They’re shooting at fuel depots. The environmental consequences of such actions would be catastrophic. Along with the military and environmental crisis, the world may also face a social crisis caused by Russian aggression.

Already, according to official figures, the number of Ukrainian refugees has exceeded 10 million people. The threat of food shortages, as Ukrainian grain, oils and other agricultural products are an important and mandatory component of purchases in many countries. This is a humanitarian crisis for food security in many countries, which is not easy to solve.

About Organization "ICF "U24 - Ukraine24 Foundation"

History of the  U24 — Ukraine24 Foundation.

My name is Yevhenii  Kyslukho. All my life I have lived in the city of Chernihiv (Ukraine). I worked for a ceiling company. Production of stretch ceilings.

As a result of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine and directly against our city of Chernigov, I found myself, like millions of Ukrainians, in difficult living conditions.

Together with my team, we decided to create a charitable organization «International Charitable Foundation «Ukraine24 FUND».

Our mission is to help and support the people of Ukraine, the people of Chernihiv and other cities of Ukraine, to protect their homes, to protect our children from the Russian aggressor.

 Together to build an independent and successful future for our country. Help protect many European countries from the aggression of the Russian Federation.

We help people in Chernihiv, the most vulnerable, marginalized and at risk, internally displaced persons and refugees.

We help families of Ukrainians who are forced to leave their homes and move to safe cities in our beautiful country.

We support the medical front. Ukrainian doctors are in dire need of help both on the front lines in the war zone and in the rear in hospitals. After all, the lives of our defenders depend on the work of doctors. Also the health of children and civilians in Ukraine.

Our charitable foundation is all of you: donors, volunteers, caring citizens. Together — we are force.

Our charitable foundation Ukraine 24 is officially registered and operates in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

Our reporting is transparent, we use the entire volume of incoming aid only to support targeted charitable projects.

We are open to cooperation with international charitable organizations, business and the media.

Please help U24 — provide vital assistance and support to our work.

this is how the occupiers defeated my enterprise
This is how the occupiers defeated my enterprise.
We help Ukraine. We help with water, Education, furnitures, Medical, Home and Education. Together with U24 Foundation.
U24 Foundation is working to scale up life-saving support for most vulnerable, marginalized & at-risk internally-displaced people and refugees.
U24 Foundation is working to scale up life-saving support for most vulnerable, marginalized & at-risk internally-displaced people and refugees.




mobile surveillance systems

Body armor
other protective ammunition

and helmets

Means of

Unmanned aerial vehicles

2014. Russia’s open aggression. Annexation of a large part of Ukraine. The Ukrainian army was not ready to resist, but with the joint efforts of Ukrainians, the Ukrainian army worked a miracle. A huge number of volunteers did their best to arm and staff the defenders.

On February 24, 2022, the Ukrainian army again faced an insidious and ruthless enemy who attacked Ukraine without declaring war. Therefore, our mission is to help provide the Ukrainian military with everything necessary to fight Russian aggression.



The Russian invaders forcibly deported 674 thousand Ukrainians to Russia, including more than 131 thousand children. These are the facts as of April 10, 2022. Today there are more than 10 million refugees. And the number of children abducted by the Russian Federation in 2022 and 2023 is growing.

Among the victims are old people, women, children — all those who are forced to hide from the horrors of war in different countries. Another seven million people have moved to safer places in other regions of Ukraine. Leaving people with psychological issues, destroyed houses, despair, emptiness and the horrors of war. Consequences of Russian aggression and genocide against Ukraine: frightened children, murdered people in Mariupol, Bucha, Borodianka, murdered at the railway station in Kramatorsk.

In view of this, Ukrainians believe in the strength of the Ukrainian army and the inevitable victory of the Ukrainian people and Ukraine. They believe that they will return to their cities, rebuild their homes and start a new, better life. These people now really need help: a roof over their heads, food, clothing, hygiene products, psychological support. Help and support in the restoration of the walls of houses after the military events in Ukraine.

Restoration of apartments and windows after military incidents.

Repair of housing and roofs after hostilities in Ukraine. Especially people from such cities: Kyiv, Gostomel, Kramatorsk, Bucha, Borodyanka, Mariupol, Kharkov, Chernihiv, Irpen, Odessa.

We must not fall behind. We will do everything so that Ukrainian refugees and internally displaced people endure this tragic period of their lives with comfort. Together — we are strong. Your help is important! Join us and help us in our activities. Even with a little effort from everyone, we can help many people who need help and support.

Ukrainians from the occupied territories today really need:






Іконка Потрібні засоби для гігієни

Hygiene products

Help to doctors and ambulance

“Russia only destroys military installations in Ukraine,” says Vladimir Putin’s false Kremlin propagandist. Every day we see what the Russian army considers «military targets»: churches, theaters, apartment buildings, kindergartens and schools, hospitals and maternity hospitals. Ukrainian doctors around the clock, selflessly, almost without rest, protect the lives and health of people. They help women give birth to children even in the basements, when the roof is shaking from the shells of the invaders.

Doctors and hospitals in Ukraine are faced with enormous demands.

Our foundation initiates the collection of monetary and other material assistance. We collect, purchase and deliver cars, equipment, medicines for doctors and hospitals. Join our activities, health and even life depend on your contribution. We thank you on behalf of our doctors for your help and support.

WHY do our doctors and hospitals need today

First aid kit for
a soldier

Prosthetics for the disabled

Means of transportation

Preparations and medicines


Rehabilitation for the needy


We promote and provide assistance Kindergarten No. 71 after the shelling in Chernihiv city.
We promote and provide assistance Kindergarten No. 71 after the shelling in Chernihiv city.
We promote and provide assistance Kindergarten No. 71 after the shelling in Chernihiv city.
We promote and provide assistance Kindergarten No. 71 after the shelling in Chernihiv city.
We promote and provide assistance Kindergarten No. 71 after the shelling in Chernihiv city.
We promote and provide assistance Kindergarten No. 71 after the shelling in Chernihiv city.

This is not the first time that we, Ukrainians, surprise the whole world. We have a trait that allows us to withstand any test of fate — the ability to unite for a common goal. Yesterday’s bloggers, marketers, teachers, workers, farmers today help the victims of the war, bake bread, weave camouflage nets, collect and deliver aid to the Ukrainian military. All this is to protect Ukraine.

It is now clear that the Russian offensive in 2014 was stopped by Ukrainian volunteers and the military. And these were not only military specialists, but also ordinary people — caring patriots of Ukraine.

Today many men and women from all over the world are coming to help our defenders. They serve shoulder to shoulder with our soldiers in the foreign legion.

Now we are facing an even greater threat from the Russian Federation and military aggression. Once again, volunteers have become the second force in the defense of Ukraine. Every action is important. Every action matters. Any help and support is greatly appreciated.

Our charitable foundation U24 invites you to join the ranks of Ukrainian volunteers and bring peace to Ukraine together. We look forward to receiving your submissions and applications! Thanks for your help and support!


Dear business owners and donors!

We urgently need your help to be of the utmost importance to help the victims of the war. Our reporting is transparent, we will ensure the targeted direction of funds from our fund. Reports on our work. We submit all reports to government agencies.

We offer assistance to migrants from the war zone, refugees and other citizens in need. Any help is important: loyal terms of business cooperation; coverage of production facilities or products; transfer of vehicles for purchase and much more. We really need a truck to deliver goods.

Our charitable organization U24 — Ukraine24 Foundation is doing everything possible to help Chernihiv residents and their loved ones. We intend to help families who have lost their homes and apartments. We ask organizations selling building materials. Also selling roofing, lumber, windows, glass, wood, doors, stretch ceilings, drywall and other building materials. To promote and regulate the activities of our charitable organization in this activity, allocating reasonable prices for its services to help rebuilding and help the citizens of Ukraine from the war.

The initiatives and activities of the charitable organization U24 are aimed at the speedy restoration of destroyed housing, walls, apartments of residents of Chernihiv, Bucha, Gostomel, Borodianka, Kharkov, Irpin, Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. Our initiative for the construction of modular houses and frame-panel structures of rapid construction. Low-rise economical construction. With autonomous heating and the ability to quickly connect communications (water, gas, fuel oil, sewerage, electricity, etc.)

Our charitable foundation U24 is a reliable, proven and legally operating organization, included in the TOP-100 reliable and proven foundations and charitable organizations. We have all certificates and work permits. Official registration of Ukraine and support of local governments and governments.

We sincerely wish to supervise this activity by other safe and reputable charities.

We call on Leaders and Teams of Volunteers, Assistants, Professionals to lend a helping hand to the peculiarities of the undertaking and the good cause of restoring houses, housing, walls and ceilings, broken windows, broken glass in Chernihiv, Kiev, Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka. , Gostomel, Kharkov. It is important for everyone, people are very present…

We help with your help.


Our useful activities with you

Families received help
Medical posts received assistance
Refurbished window glass
Roofs repaired
autonomous heating systems

Our team


Elena Mikhailovna

About me

When I woke up one morning after a restless sleep, I thought that my calling was volunteering.

Foundation founder

Evgeniy Kislukho

About me

When I woke up one morning after a restless sleep, I thought that my calling was to be a volunteer.


Svetlana Alekseevna

About me

When I woke up one morning after a restless sleep, I thought that my calling was volunteering.

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